About Share The Vibe

At House Of Racha we love our customers and our community! Our customers are our number one fans and we are yours! When you shop at House of Racha, we want you to have a personal experience, one that makes you feel good and valued! So this page is dedicated to you, yes you! Our customers, our community, our family! Every Month we will do a Brand Feature and a Birthday Feature! Please if you haven't already subscribed, please subscribe and share with us your special day! Every month we put all of customers in a birthday raffle to possibly be featured and receive a birthday gift from us, so whats to loose?! 

How "The Birthday Showcase" works:

1. Subscribe!

2. If your unsure if you have or not, reach out to us and we will be happy to update/plug you in our system. Provided us with the information via email: (contactus@houseofracha.com) 

3. We will have a raffle at the end of every month the 24th-31st, is the time frame of when we might post the winner! (so you never know it could be you!)

4.We will break down the list of customers whose birthdays fall around that time and then once we have a winner, we will contact you via email. 

5. We will get your permission to feature you and then if so we will want to get a basic photo (of only you) to showcase you on our email blast and website! 

6. Thats it! Thats what we want to do for you, by being a loyal customer!


Catch The Vibe, Then Share It!